Our Mission

The Mission of the Law Office of Travell Travis, P.C. is to offer the Greater Hampton Roads Community with affordable, high quality, legal representation.

We firmly believe that access to superb legal counsel should not be limited to the rich and famous but should be available to everyone.

Thus the Law Office of Travell Travis, P.C. strives to continuously provide local residents, churches, civic organizations, and local businesses with competent and courteous legal service at a reasonable price.

Travell Travis

Torrino Travell Travis, Esq.
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Hampton, Virginia

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Family Law: More than any other area of the law, family law reflects the values society shares regarding how people who are related should treat each other. Family Law rules define not only the relationships between members of a family but also between a family and society as a whole. Our firm is committed to providing compassionate, courteous, and competent legal representation in divorce, separation agreements, custody, adoptions, name changes, guardianships, paternity and child support matters.